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     The Hogues have been in Faulkner County since the early days of Arkansas statehood. David, specifically, was raised in Louisiana and began his law practice in Mississippi before moving back to his roots here. Gordan and Mary Louise (Keathley) Hogue raised him in a Christian household, to respect people regardless of race, social standing, or background and that influenced his present day law practice making sure that all people have equal access to the judiciary.


     David Hogue started as a young attorney in 1995 in Gulfport, Mississippi. There, his practice included criminal and family law as well as federal injury cases. In 1997 David returned to his Arkansas roots,  where he opened a firm called Christian Legal Service.  From this platform he assisted clients in the Women's Shelter and Bethlehem House free of charge, drawing income from criminal and personal injury cases. Over the years, he has also assisted other non-profits including Life Choices, Deliver Hope, Children's Advocacy Alliance, and Soul Food Cafe.  For many years he trained court appointed advocates for the Faulkner and Van Buren County CASA. He also worked together with other prominent members of the community to start the STOP DV organization to work against domestic violence.  

     After several years of public interest law, he took a role as a deputy prosecutor. During his tenure there he prosecuted cases such as the embezzlement of funds from Vilonia Schools and many others. After prosecuting, David came to work for Faulkner County as the County Attorney, giving advice and representation on tax issues, law enforcement issues,  and civil rights and election cases.

     After six years of public service, David returned to private practice, representing people in state and federal courts in criminal and civil rights cases.  Today, he is a partner at Hogue, Corbitt & Ward, a general practice firm. 

The Experience to Listen with Respect

  • David Hogue has served multiple times as special judge in district court, appointed by Jack Roberts.

  • David Hogue has served several times as special judge in circuit court presiding over matters such as termination of parental rights, appointed by his peers.

  • David Hogue has served once as a special Associate Justice on the Arkansas Supreme Court, appointed by Governor Asa Hutchinson.

Through this experience, he has learned to speak less than he listens, to treat others with respect no matter their demeanor, and be aware of the drastic impact judges can have on the lives of those before them.

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